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mRNA, Protein, and DNA Liposome Encapsulation Service

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Encapsulation of Protein, RNA, mRNA, and DNA Molecules into Liposomes

Liposomes are made of phospholipid molecules capable of encapsulating various types of oligonucleotides within the liposome aqueous core. Liposomes can be used to protect cargo molecules (e.g., DNA, RNA, or protein) in vivo and enhance intracellular delivery. Liposomes can be used for the highly efficient delivery of cargo molecules (protein, DNA, RNA) into cells both in vitro and in vivo. Altogen Labs offers encapsulation of any negatively charged molecuIes (e.g., mRNA, siRNA, shRNA, microRNA, plasmid DNA, and protein) into either one of several standard liposome formulations (PC:Cholesterol and DSPC:Cationic Lipid:PEGylated Lipoid:Cholesterol) or a custom liposome formulation. Sonication and liposome extrusion methods allow the generation of liposomes of a defined size (from 100 to 400 nm). The customer should provide at least 0.5 mg siRNA for liposome encapsulation. Liposome-encapsulated siRNAs are delivered to the customer.

Altogen Labs offers encapsulation services for many different molecules into either one of several standard liposome formulations (PC:Cholesterol and DSPC:Cationic Lipid: PEGylated Lipoid:Cholesterol) or a custom liposome formulation. Microfluidization (microfluidics), extrusion and sonication methods are available to generate liposomes of a defined size. The client is required to provide at least 0.25 mg of material for liposome encapsulation.

Custom liposome formulations are available to provide in vivo protection, reduce the innate immune response, and reduce cytotoxicity.

Once we know the details of your project, we can provide you an immediate price quote (contact e-mail: Please note that experimental details will help us to provide an accurate quote and timeline estimate.

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