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Altogen Labs extensive biotechnology and pharmacology CELL BANKING SERVICES include the following:

Cell Banking Services, Cell Growth and Cryopreservation

Our GLP-compliant cell line banking systems provide mammalian cell production, assurance that a uniform population of cells is preserved, cell integrity is maintained, and cells are readily available per customer request.


Cell line banks are maintained in a secure, controlled and monitored storage environment. Cell banking work is performed within certified Class II laminar flow biosafety cabinets with HEPA filtered air. Cells are grown only in pre-calibrated incubators with UV air and water protection.

Quality Control

GLP-compliant process with established SOPs and associated cell line batch records. Cell lines are certified to be free of Mycoplasma or Bacterial contamination

Cell growth and Cryopreservation

Altogen Labs provide cell expansion to manufacture a cell bank using standard T-flasks, roller bottles, shake flasks, and cell factories. Our cryopreservation service is performed in a monitored liquid nitrogen system. We can ship the cell bank (on dry ice) directly to the client or to a specified third party.

Contact us at or call Altogen Labs technical support: 512-433-6177 to discuss the your project. We can provide an immediate price and timeline quote based on your experimental details.